Здесь перечислены все параметры, используемые в функции curl_easy_setopt. Для подробного описания функции см. основную статью.

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Установка этой опции в 1 заставит библиотеку выводить подробную информацию о выполняемых операциях. Полезно для понимания и отладки libcurl и/или протоколов. Подробная информация посылается в stderr или в поток, определённый опцией CURLOPT_STDERR.
You hardly ever want this set in production use, you will almost always want this when you debug/report problems. Another neat option for debugging is the CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION.
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Set the parameter to 1 to get the library to display a lot of verbose information about its operations. Very useful for libcurl and/or protocol debugging and understanding. The verbose information will be sent to stderr, or the stream set with CURLOPT_STDERR.You hardly ever want this set in production use, you will almost always want this when you debug/report problems. Another neat option for debugging is the CURLOPT_DEBUGFUNCTION.


A parameter set to 1 tells the library to include the header in the body output. This is only relevant for protocols that actually have headers preceding the data (like HTTP).


Pass a long. If set to 1, it tells the library to shut off the progress meter completely. It will also present the CURLOPT_PROGRESSFUNCTION from getting called.Future versions of libcurl are likely to not have any built-in progress meter at all.


Pass a long. If it is 1, libcurl will not use any functions that install signal handlers or any functions that cause signals to be sent to the process. This option is mainly here to allow multi-threaded unix applications to still set/use all timeout options etc, without risking getting signals. (Added in 7.10)

If this option is set and libcurl has been built with the standard name resolver, timeouts will not occur while the name resolve takes place. Consider building libcurl with c-ares support to enable asynchronous DNS lookups, which enables nice timeouts for name resolves without signals.

Setting CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL to 1 makes libcurl NOT ask the system to ignore SIGPIPE signals, which otherwise are sent by the system when trying to send data to a socket which is closed in the other end. libcurl makes an effort to never cause such SIGPIPEs to trigger, but some operating systems have no way to avoid them and even on those that have there are some corner cases when they may still happen, contrary to our desire.

CURLOPT_WILDCARDMATCH Set this option to 1 if you want to transfer multiple files according to a file name pattern. The pattern can be specified as part of the CURLOPT_URL option, using an fnmatch-like pattern (Shell Pattern Matching) in the last part of URL (file name).By default, libcurl uses its internal wildcard matching implementation. You can provide your own matching function by the CURLOPT_FNMATCH_FUNCTION option.This feature is only supported by the FTP download for now.

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